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1317   A Sweet Surprise
1408   A Whole Latte Fun
SF 74-11   All Rose Heart
SF 14-11/12   All White Infant Casket Spray
EV 106-11   Alluring Azalea
EV 40-11   Aloha Lovely
PD-63B   Arrangement with Cross
SF 36-11   Artist's Palette
EV 39-11   Asian Inspiration
PD-57B   Asian-Inspired Casket Spray
EV 26-11   Awesome Alstromeria
EV 89-21   Awesome Anniversary
EV 94-11   Baby Blue Basket
EV 112-21   Basket Dish Garden
1238   Basket Of Gladness
1310   Basket Of Love
1248   Beautiful Boxed Blooms
SYW049   Beautiful Casket Spray
EV 109-21   Beguiling Begonia
EV 23-11   Bells of Beauty
PD-9A   Beribboned Casket Spray
SF 40-11   Birch Branch and Floral Memorial
1358   Birthday Bud Vase
EV 84-11   Birthday Stems And Streamers
1272   Black And White Style
13-11   Blooming Duo
1249   Blooms In Box
1427   Blossoms Of Love Heart
SF 138-21   Blue & Lavender Arrangement with Candles
SF 27-11   Blue & Lavender Double Heart
PD-65B   Botanical Cross Easel
EV 9-11   Bowl Of Beauty
1373   Bowl Of Bright Wishes
SF 108-31   Bowl Of Yellow
EV 33-21   Bright Basket of Joy
SF 58-11   Broken Heart
1261   Bud Vase of Spider Gerberas
1609   Burgundy Topiaries
SF 119-21   Buttons And Bells
SF 23-11   Candle Arch Memorial
EV 47-11   Candy Hearts Surprise
PD-51B   Cascading Casket Spray
SF 86-11/12   Cascading Family Setting
1630   Casket Scarf
PD-59B   Casket Spray with Cross
SF 38-11   Casket Spray with Fabric Drape
PD-53B   Casket Spray with Potted Tulips
PD-54   Casket Spray with Wreath
1425   Celebration Of Love Altar Vase
EV 30-12   Charming Gerberas
1305   Cheers To You
PD-51A   Chrysanthemum Casket Spray
1276   Classy Carnations
SF 105-11-2   Colorful Memories Casket Spray
1632   Colors In A Row Casket Spray
CR-2015   Colors of the Rainbow
SF 138-31   Complementary Red & Green Standing Cross
1380   Contempo - Rose
PD-57A   Contemporary Urn Arrangement
PD-55B   Cresent Urn Arrangement
1599   Croton Plant
SF 87-31/32   Crown & Window Box Arrangement
CDFA   Custom Designed Floral Arrangement
1600   Dainty Trio
1274   Daisy Daze
1288   Day Greeter
EV 4-13   Dazzling Delight
SF 22-11   Delphinium and Lavender Rose Casket Spray
SF 26-21   Delphinium Cross
1418   Dendrobium Orchid Boutonniere
1622   Dieffenbachia Plant
1597   Dish Garden With Daisies
SF 56-11   Dogwood Branch Memorial Garden
SF 8-11   Double Cross Frame
PD-21B   Double Heart Standing Wreath
PD-56   Draped Casket Spray
SF 90-21   Driftwood Cross in Floral Hedge
SF 89-11   Duck Decoy Casket Spray
1306   Egg Hunt Garden
SF 12-11/12   Elegance in White
SF 71-21   Elegant Style
SF 26-11   Eucalyptus Scaled Wreath with Floral Accents
PD-53A   Exotic Casket Spray
SF 69-11   Fall Casket Spray
FFD-14   Falling for Daisies
1623   Family Floral Designs
SF 118-11/12   Family Tribute
1313   Fathers Day Garden
SF 39-31   Faux Hand Tied Standing Spray
SF 80-21   Ficus Decora
SF 32-21   Ficus Tree with Braided Ribbon
SF 83-11/12   Finest Farewell
SF 7-31   Fireside Basket Standing Spray
EV 88-11   Fit For A Queen
EV 4-11   Floral Fantasy
EV 55-11   Floral Fireworks
SF 91-11   Floral Picture Frame
SF 47-77   Floral Rosary
SF 103-11   Flower Basket with Seed Packets
SF 121-11   Foliage & Green Rose Casket Spray
PD-11A   Foliage and Flowers Casket Spray
1325   For Thanks And Giving
PD-24   Freesia Casket Spray
SF 55-31   Fuchsia & Red Standing Spray
SF 73-11   Full Couch Red Carnation Casket Spray
1536   Full Design
PD-12B   Garden Arrangement with Focal Photo
SF 110-11   Garden Of Daisies Casket Spray
SF 47-21   Garden of Foliage
EV 21-11   Garden Of Sunshine
PD-17   Garden Rose Wreath
PD-43   Garden Table Wreath
EV 30-11   Gerbera Garden
1234   Gerbera Greetings
1627   Gerbera Group
1257   Gerberas In Bud Vase
EV 53-21   Gerberas of Love
EV 92-11   Get Well Dish Garden
EV 41-21   Ginger Surprise
EV 66-11   Glacial Whites
EV 44-11   Glad Tidings
1626   Gladiola Family Setting
PD-45A   Gladiolus Arrangement
1260   Glass Cube of Roses
1620   Glass Gardens
EV 31-21   Glorious Gladiolus
EV 103-11   Golden 'n' Rosy
EV 91-11   Golden Anniversary
1615   Golden Glass
SF 116-21   Golf Design
1289   Good Morning Mug
SF 115-11   Green Casket Spray with Apple Accents
SF 122-21   Green Foliage Cross
SF 119-31   Green Foliage Spray
SF 95-21   Green Garden
SF 123-11   Green Square Wreath
SF 31-21   Growing Garden
1326   Hanukkah Celebration
1356   Happy Birthday Basket
1359   Happy Birthday Mug
1323   Harvest Glow
PD-40   Heart & Calla Lily Casket Spray
SF 44-31   Heart In a Garden
SF 10-11   Heart of White Flowers and Dried Natural Materials
PD-47B   Heart with Yarn Accents Easel
PD-44   Heart Wreath Easel
PD-16A   Heart-Shaped Wreath
EV 101-21   Heavenly Half Dozen
EV 13-11   Heavenly Hand Tied
EV 94-21   Her First Flowers
SF 122-11   Herb Open Heart
1355   Here's The Party
1372   Hooray For You
SF 66-11   Ivy & Floral Wreath for Photo Memorial
1258   Kangaroo Paw Asters and Roses
1481   Lace Edge Pillow
SF 34-11   Lavender & Scaled Bent Wreath Memorial
SF 42-11   Lavender Rose Heart
SF 137-11   Lid Arrangement
1424   Lighted Lilies Pew Marker
SF 6-11   Loving Memories Casket Spray
SF 67-11/12/13   Loving Rose Family Setting
SF 67-11   Loving Roses Casket Spray
CTT45-11   Mache In Yellow
SF 24-11/12/13/14   Memorable Thoughts
SF 50-11   Memorial Arch
1399   Mini Dish Darden
SF 28-21   Mixed Basket Arrangement
SF 96-11   Mixed Blooming Plants
EV 102-21   Mixed Dozen
SF 100-21   Monogram Design
1407   Morning Mist
EV 48-11   My Heart Is Yours
EV 52-11   My Mother My Friend
SF 68-11   Nascar Tribute
EV 21-21   Nature's Glory
SF 21-11/12   Nautical Tribute
SF 63-21   Nested Dish Garden
EV 95-11   Oh Baby! Basket
1360   Oh Oh Over The Hill
1378   One Stunning Stem
1277   Ooh-La-La Lilies
SF 99-11/12   Orange & Yellow with Tropical Accents
SF 92-11   Orange Gerbera & Tangerine Vase Arrangement
SF 90-11   Orange Gerbera Daisy & Green Viburnum Heart
EV 31-11   Orchids Galore
EV-22-11   Over The Rainbow
PD-42A   Palm Fringed Easel Spray
EV 111-11   Paradise Palm
EV 41-11   Paradise Pleasures
SF 25-11/12/13/14   Patriotic Tribute
SF 16-21   Peace Lily
SF 96-21   Peace Lily And Roses
SF 3-11/12/13   Peacful Purity Family Setting
SF 87-11   Peach & Orange Standing Spray
SF 82-11   Peach & Pink Clay Pot Arrangement
SF 95-11   Peach Rose Adornment
SF 87-21   Peach Roses with Branches
EV 14-21   Pedestal Petals
PD-13   Perfectly Pink Casket Spray

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